31 December, Sunday



«Кино и только»: Epizode² принимает у себя настоящих тяжеловесов мира электронной музыки. На ведущие роли в зимнем блокбастере претендуют сразу несколько феноменальных артистов.

Sagrado Corp - the only Russian managing company, has realized ten diverse entertainment projects in Moscow.


All projects
"Letniy Sad " is a multi-format terrace at the Badaevsky Factory overlooking the City and the Moscow River.
Icon - the reincarnation of the famous club of 2000s "Rai", one of the most successful and thriving nightlife establishments in Moscow.
Concert and corporate hall on Pushkin Square.
Gipsy - this is the best lounge in the town, one of the most beautiful panoramic views of Moscow River, amazing terrace with a pool and lots of good music by famous DJs.
"Dancing restaurant" in the center of the Red October Club Cluster.

«Дорого-богато отошло на второй план»

Интервью совладельцев крупнейшей клубной империи Москвы.


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