Adrenaline Stadium

Adrenaline Stadium Live appears to be one of the biggest concert halls in the city.

«Adrenaline Stadium», appears to be one of the biggest concert halls in the city. This is the only «three-in-one» venue in Moscow : the biggest club, huge concert stage and banquet hall of a total square 9 000 meters. «Adrenaline Stadium» can have 7 000 guests at a time in parter and 500 in VIP-zone.

The project was born as a collaboration of several markable players on the entertainment market, such as Melnitsa booking agency and МСМ Group, and Sagrado Corp as well.

The promo group is planning to make more than 120 events in 2016 - taking into account the biggest Europe’s and World’s pop/rock stars, who always have full stadium for their shows.


Leningradsky ave, 80, building 17

Moscow, Russia

Info & Reserve:

+7 916 440 47 50

Total area:

3200 м2


1700 guests


5000 guests


1800 guests

Gipsy - this is the best lounge in the town, one of the most beautiful panoramic views of Moscow River, amazing terrace with a pool and lots of good music by famous DJs.
Adrenaline Stadium Live appears to be one of the biggest concert halls in the city.​
Да, «Бессонница» закрылась. Но танцы на Болотной набережной продолжаются, 27 апреля холдинг Sagrado Corp. запускает новый клубный проект. С периодичностью (пока что) один раз в месяц по знакомому адресу будут проходить Special Music Sessions.
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Concert and corporate hall on Pushkin Square.
​RED — известный мультиформатный концертный зал в Москве, расположенный на территории знаменитой кондитерской фабрики «Красный Октябрь».
One of the main after party venues of the city.
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