EPIZODE is a unique music and art festival annually held in Vietnam’s biggest and most blissful island - Phu Quoc. Festival’s main goal is bringing the latest electronic music trends to Asia, while showcasing the best regional talents in the same time. Epizode aims to become the winter hub of party goers, travelers and industry people, and to connect East and West.

EPIZODE³ was the biggest and the most successful edition up to date. Festival doubled previous year’s attendance with more than 10,000 people from 79 countries, dancing at four stages.

This madness lasted for 11 days and nights, 24hrs a day. Festival hosted more than 140 international and regional DJ superstars, organized various day activities, experienced many surprise performances and counted many memorable moments, all in the hypnotic setting on the idyllic beach of Vietnam’s Phu Quoc island.

EPIZODE⁴ - THE NEXT LEVEL - is in the making! Brace yourselves, as many new surprises are coming your way! Stay tuned x


Sunset Sanato

Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

Info & Reserve:

+7 800 505 69 67

Total area:

10 000 m22


2 000


7 000


3 000